South Australian, Adelaide Hills, online boutique tea shop. Seeking to provide high quality herbs and teas from a variety of Australian herbal tea wholesalers while being as eco friendly as possible. Less carbon footprint, recyclable bags, and healthy fresh loose leaf.

Our unique teas are centred around our fantasy creature creations by basing the flavours of tea on them. Venture through our range to explore the supernatural side to Queko.

Our History

Creating concoctions of petal leaf tea at a young age and never getting into the taste of coffee when older. Tea became a staple in owner, Jenna’s, life. Starting with a simple cup of peppermint tea. Spiralling down a herbal tea rabbit hole (or an endless mad hatter tea party). It was finding out about the chemical infused flavouring that was sometimes used and the uncontrolled plastic particles that can be found in commercially made tea bags that a change to loose leaf started.

As Queko’s owner father ventured more organic, with local produce or homegrown, that the knowledge that using used loose leaf tea in the garden was beneficial to plants and trees (like your citrus). With a recycle bag, a reusable infuser, and a garden(or compost) to discard used loose leaf. No leftover, no wastage and infusion of art. Queko developed.

Founded in 2021. Queko works with a variety of Australian tea masters in bringing in different flavour profiles – slowly building one blend at a time – while ensuring a variety of teas to suit different taste buds.

Our Ideals

High-Quality product. We care about our teas. We care about our customers.

Eco Friendly as possible. Here at Queko we care about our environment. We take great care to try and ensure that the product, the packaging, and even the delivery is as eco as possible.


[tee] noun

1. A hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water.

2. Leaf Water

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