curiouser, curiouser

I have gotten a few questions since establishing Queko. This will be a constant modified blog plots as I’ll keep updating on with each questions I get asked.

Why the name Queko?

Originally, when I had my freelance graphic design before this, I was under my own name. When I decided to branch out to selling art. I decided to create my own name. It was on a drive through the hills that I was going through the alphabet and making random sounds until I came on Que – Ko. It wasn’t until I got home that I found out it’s actually a real name. For bamboo. One of my favourite plants. No one else had that name for a business and so it stuck.

What made you come up with the idea of selling tea?

Honestly, it was during working out a way to make a living on selling art and needed to come up with various ways to commercialise the art without killing my creativeness. I found this packet of blended tea (amongst all my others) that was based on a book character and I started researching into how people make and blend teas. I went in a rabbit hole and dived right in.

Why add little creatures?

It was my way of adding my own personal flair to the tea as well as combining my two loves – art and leaf water. I love fantasy and myth. I had originally considered basing my tea around the gods and goddess of the worlds and supernatural/mythical creatures like unicorns, fairies, etc. It quickly evolved into these newly concocted creatures with little backstories. My own creations.

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